Ride this Saturday

Hey guys and gals,

As the weather is trying to look like she’s not gonna be so kind this week, I still want to know who all is planning on going Saturday. I dont want to call anything off with it only being Tuesday.  We are riding to Oldenburg, eating at Wagner’s.  KSU at 9:00am. Please let me know, ASAP as I can make tentative arrangements depending on the weather. See you tomorrow at the meeting.


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3 Responses to Ride this Saturday

  1. SID BRYAN says:

    Not sure about Sat..maybe

    But why is there no mention of the monthly meeting here? Or a reminder email a day or so ahead? Maybe I’m missing something…so meeting is Wednesday? Correct? This system doesnt seem to be working very well, or perhaps its just me…in any case, i feel like im in the dark.

  2. Dan Beyer says:

    It doesn’t look that bad for the ride Saturday. Its Indy in May, there is always a chance of rain. I believe the girlfriend I are in. Can you post more info as I have forgotten all the details. Thanks!

  3. Dan Beyer says:

    …and we might want to post it on the calendar as well. Just realized there was nothing there.

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