Meeting on Wednesday

Hey gang we WILL be having a meeting on Wednesday. as I have said before in a lot of my emails, If you are interested in holding the office of Assistant  Director or Road Captain, you NEED to make that know. We will hold our our election at our December meeting/Christmas party on December 10th.

A little update about our party for those of you that are new. We meet at the clubhouse for a gathering of great food and great friendship. We have a pitch in style of buffet. we break up the alphabet as to who’s is bringing what. in the past the dealership has provdied the meat, I will look into this for this year. If not, our chapter will provide turkey and ham.

ALSO in he past we ask that you bring in a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy as we have donated these to the Toys for Tots campaign.

We still need a small committee to meet at the clubhouse on Saturday morning to help decorate and set up for our party.  if you are interested in participating in this, Julie, Liz and myself would greatry appreciate any help.  we can discuss this more in depth at the meeting. this was just a brief overview.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday .


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