Ride Sunday

¬†From Mitch Miller……

Looking at riding Sunday 10/23. Please comment with A, B, or C if you can make it. Most votes wins. Leave Indywest HD@10:30 sharp!!!

Short Ride Option A: Covington Beefhouse lunch run with a loop back through Shades and maybe a dip down south towards Brazil.

Medium Ride Option B: Bub’s Burgers in Bloomington with a loop over the lake then back up through Solsberry.

LONG!! Ride Option C: Hilltop Restaurant in Spencer then twisties down to Shoals, IN and back home. LONG & CURVY with great views and a few interesting stops?. Some of you may have done part of this route with me last year.

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  1. Mitch Miller says:

    Due to the overwhelming response and enthusiasm for the proposed ride options, I will be riding on my own with no agenda. Enjoy your Sunday

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