update to the August Meeting

8/17/16 Sunny (no tornadoes) 🙂
attendance: 21 50/50:$60.00/$30.00 Congrats Darrell Treasurer’s report: $1094.28

We have 2 new members. We would like to introduce….Christine and Wayne Franz. Bill Smith was able to be with us for his second meeting….we didn’t scare him off…lol Please make our new members feel welcome. Julie, Liz and Lee…Christine rides too….yay

Our ride on July 30th was a good ride to Alexandria, IN to The World’s Largest Ball of Paint. We had 12 in attendance. Weather was very nice.The Ball Of Paint was really impressive. We had lunch at The Curve Inn. It was really good food.

Our Dinner Ride on August 4th to Sarah Fisher’s 1911 Grill was really spectacular. We were seated upstairs so that if we wanted to watch the races that were going on they were right there. The food was awesome and affordable. we had a really nice turnout, about 20 of us rode and or drove out.

Our ride that we had planned for August 13th to battleground, IN was a wash. It rained all day. Mother Nature is wanting to play fair this year.

We planned a ride for August 27th, to Leavenworth, IN to eat at the Overlook Restaurant. KSU 9:00 a.m. I WILL NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON ATTENDING THIS RIDE SO I CAN GIVE THEM A HEADCOUNT FOR RESERVATIONS!!!!!

Our Dinner Ride for September 1st is to Squealer’s in Mooresville, IN. KSU 6:30 pm. I NEED A HEADCOUNT…..

Looking forward to October, We are having our chapter picnic on October 2nd. We will be riding out to Raccoon Lake, Hickory Shelter. As all the plans haven’t been finalized just yet, I’m just putting it out there so you can make plans to attend. With that being said, AGAIN I will need a head count so we can make sure to have enough food.

It was also put out there that if you are interested in being a Chapter Officer, start thinking about it, we will put together a meeting for an election in December. Vote and your New Officers will take over in January.

I hope this finds you all well and ready for some riding and Mother Nature has had her fill with us and moves on.

Take it easy and hope to see you all on August 27th.

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